About Me


I run a private general dentistry practice in Honolulu, Hawaii.  I earned my undergraduate degree from University of California- Santa Barbara, and my Doctorate of Dental Science from the University of the Pacific- Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco.  I am a member of the Hawaii Dental Association, and continue to commit myself to continuing education.

I love being a dentist.  For me, dentistry combines science and art.  A self-proclaimed science nerd, I find the complexities of the human body, and the impact of oral health on a person’s total well being facsinating.  I cannot stress enough the importance of taking good care of your teeth!   Growing up in the islands, I really appreciate the beauty of Hawaii’s people, and a great deal of it is expressed through our smiles.  Healthy Teeth make Beautiful Smiles.

I grew up on the south shore of Oahu, where I learned to surf as a kid.  There is no better way to clear your mind, than to be outdoors.