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My family loves animals.   Chickens, Sheep, Pigs and Goats.   Bet you thought I’d say dogs.  I’m dedicated dog lover, I wish for a dog, my youngest for a cat, but no, not yet.  Living in Hawaii, with busy schedules, and efficient (read “small”) living spaces has precluded the addition of either domestic animal.

My daughter started volunteering at the Aloha Animal Sanctuary in 2020 as part of a school project when she was in middle school.  At the Sanctuary are animals who have been abused, abandoned, and/or neglected and have nowhere else to go. Sometimes, there are animals there who were at risk of being sent to slaughter.   She chose this assignment because of her love for all animals.  Leah’s job was to provide TLC, ‘tender loving care’, feeding and interacting with the resident animals there.  Located in Kahaluu, Kaneohe, I wondered how we were going to juggle one MORE thing, her mom would have to drive out there, adding to an already busy schedule week after week.  She loved it though, and 3 years later, we are all going!

Volunteering allows us to develop new skills, gain experiences, and broaden our perspectives.  It can improve self-confidence and contribute to overall personal development.      There are many opportunities to volunteer.  Initially helping as a animal care giver, Leah is now helping with social media and learning to conduct tours.

volunteering at Aloha Animal Sanctuary
Leah with Jesse Palomino

Volunteering with Aloha Animal Sanctuary has been positive influence.  For us, a family activity, infused with core values, and educational opportunities for the kids.  It’s a great place.

I’ll admit that this Honolulu Dentist likes dogs… more than pigs.  But I do like teeth!

Did you know PIGS and other farm animals benefit from dental care?   Just like dogs and humans!   Pigs can get cavities and tartar, and they can even break teeth. Look at them teeth!  Makes me want to see my hygienist.

All dentist musings aside, I am so grateful to the Aloha Animal Sanctuary for the work that they do, and the opportunities that they have provided to my family to learn about how we can contribute to the environment, and the health of the planet.


We love it.   I think you and your family will too.  The Aloha Animal Sanctuary holds regular visitor days, as well as volunteer days, and special events.   Find out more on their website, or email the Director of Public Relations at

Dr. Terrance Cleveland

Dr. Terrance Cleveland

Dr. Terrance Cleveland practices General Dentistry in Honolulu, Hawaii. Besides Dentistry, Dr. Cleveland loves to share stories of the special people and places that make Hawaii so amazing. If you have a story that needs to be told please contact us follow him on Instagram and on Facebook.

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