Poke Run! Azama Fish Market, Waipahu, Oahu

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A Honolulu Dentist on a Poke Run !!!

As a dentist, I stress preventative care and maintenance.  Good oral care is important to your overall health, and healthy teeth make beautiful smiles.  But also important; teeth play a mighty significant role in achieving maximum gastronomical enjoyment!  The textures and flavors of Hawaii’s regional cuisine are best enjoyed with problem free teeth.  “Through the lips, past the gums… look out stomach here it comes!”  Notice that no mention is even made of the teeth; when our teeth are healthy, we don’t even notice them…. we just concentrate on the enjoyment of eating.  That is the way it should be. Honolulu Dentist

Growing up in Hawaii, one of my favorite snacks was dried cuttlefish.  Chewy and delicious.  You could find it at the ‘crack seed’ store in jars, or in little plastic packages at Longs.  I just fell in love again.  Azama Fish Market in Waipahu offers this by the pound.  It is FRESH, and MOIST and CHEWY and SOFT all at the same time, indescribable.  Oh and did I say tasty?  My mouth waters just to think of it.   This delectable treat is best eaten with healthy teeth!  Affordable Honolulu Dentist

One of Hawaii’s favorite and very well-known food is poke (pronounce “poh-kay”).  You cannot attend a gathering of local folk without a few bowls of this appetizer offered.  Poke means “cut piece” or “small piece” in Hawaiian, and is usually small pieces of raw fish or seafood mixed with various seasoning.   My favorites are the spicy ahi, and tako poke.  The tako poke, made from octopus is tender, yet chewy and mildly spicy with a crunch of fresh cucumbers.  The spicy ahi, creamy and flavorful, a perfect accompaniment to rice or a cold beer.   It will make you moan aloud it is so good.

When I am heading to a party, or just get a craving, I make a “poke run” to Azama Fish staticmapMarket in Waipahu.  One of Oahu’s hidden treasures, Azama’s is simple and unassuming, but packs incredible flavor in its poke.  Try the spicy ahi poke and the tako poke.  The prices are reasonable, the product is fresh, and the people are friendly.

Faye AzamaAzama Fish Market is owned by Kitoshi Azama.  Originally from Okinawa, Kitoshi opened his first fish market at Oahu Market, Chinatown.  He also is the owner of K. Azama Fish Wholesale  in Palolo    1403A 10th Avenue.  Honolulu, Hawaii  96816.  where he offers Chinese Fish cake, Dry Aku, and LauLau.  OH.. and he also carries my new love.. dry cuttlefish at this Palolo location.  This family run business relies on word of mouth and the quality of its’ product to keep its customers coming back again and again.  It’s a strategy that works.  Faye, who is part of our dental team at the office at 1580 Makaloa #940, Honolulu, Hawaii  96814 introduced us to the market.   This Honolulu dentist is hooked.  You will be too.  Keep those teeth healthy, you will need them for a POKE RUN!!   Call us at 941-2911 for an appointment today.   HoConolulu Dentist Ala

Dr. Terrance Cleveland

Dr. Terrance Cleveland

Dr. Terrance Cleveland practices General Dentistry in Honolulu, Hawaii. Besides Dentistry, Dr. Cleveland loves to share stories of the special people and places that make Hawaii so amazing. If you have a story that needs to be told please contact us follow him on Instagram and on Facebook.

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